Thursday, 25 July 2013

I want it now! - An adult tantrum

This YouTube video was posted by someone on Facebook. I'm not usually tempted to view posted videos, but the word 'tantrum' meant that I felt compelled to look.

Here is the video. My comments follow.

I'm going to ignore the obvious questions such as, "why was the husband filming it?" and "wasn't he goading her?" 

I have a feeling that his wife must have done this before, hence the filming.

What really interested me was the actual body language in the tantrum.

I have had and no doubt will continue to have, heated discussions on whether a child can be seen in an adult's body. I say it can, while many people say that that idea is ridiculous.

Forgetting the words, the pitch of the voice and general childish level of verbal communication, it was the woman's body language that fascinated me.

In my opinion, the adult woman seen throwing her legs around, was behaving as I have no doubt she did as a child. Her mind /body had regressed. The 'mini-me' had hijacked her mind and therefore her body.

I wasn't sure that this relationship was particularly healthy, so I wasn't surprised that a 'google' search revealed that the woman is going to sue for divorce.

I suggest she grows up.


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